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Mencap SportMencap Sport works with the governing bodies of sport and other sports providers to promote opportunities for people with a learning disability at all levels.

About Mencap Sport

Mencap Sport believes that people with a learning disability should have the same opportunities to participate, enjoy and excel in sport at all levels.

Round the world challenge

Round the world challenge is a fun, physical activity challenge that helps you lead a healthy and active lifestyle! Find out how you can take part.

Events and competitions

Find information and entry forms for major events and competitions for athletes with a learning disability.

Inclusive Sport Programme

The English Learning and Disability Sports Alliance, a partnership between Mencap and Special Olympics Great Britain, are working together to deliver the Inclusive Sport Programme. This programme is funded by Sport England and will run from 2014-2017.

Why is sport important?

We've put together a list of sports and useful links that will help you find out about different sports and how you can get involved.

Where to play sport

Find links to some of the organisations that provide sport for people with a learning disability.

Eligibility and classification

Sport for people with a disability is often divided into different groups so that athletes compete against people with similar disabilities.

Where to get help and advice

If you've decided to try sport for the first time, or you belong to a sports club and want to run sessions, Mencap Sport can help.