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Everything you need to know about the learning disability register

Are you on your doctor’s learning disability register?  

People on the register can get extra support from the doctor’s surgery. 

What is the learning disability register?

An easy read front cover of the Learning Disability Register

It is a list of people with a learning disability that the doctor’s surgery looks after.

Doctor surgery GP

Most doctor’s surgeries have a learning disability register

A woman with a clip board and a man with a guide dog talking to her about his needs

It helps the doctor’s surgery know who may need extra support. 

Ask if you can be added to the learning disability register

Find out more about the learning disability register by watching our video.

Annual health check invite

People on the learning disability register may be able to have a free Annual Health Check.

Annual health checks are for people with a learning disability who are over 14 years old. They happen every year and can help you stay healthy.

When you are on the learning disability register, your doctor’s surgery should invite you for an annual health check every year. 

For more information, see our page about annual health checks.

Free flu jabs and COVID boosters

People on the learning disability register can get a free flu vaccine . You will also be invited for Coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccines. If you have family carers they will be invited as well.

You can ask your doctor's surgery or pharmacy for advice about the flu jab or COVID vaccine.

For more information, see our page about vaccines.

Who can get on to the learning disability register?

Anyone of any age and any level of disability can be on the learning disability register. 

You can join the register, even if you live on your own or do not get much support in your everyday life.

Lots of people are missing from the learning disability registers, so it is a good idea to check you are on it. 

If you are not on the learning disability register, it may mean the doctor’s surgery do not know you have a learning disability. 

How do I get on the learning disability register?

Contact your doctor's surgery

First, you, a family member or carer should contact your doctor's surgery to make sure you are on their learning disability register.

Check if you're already on the register

The receptionist may not be able to check if you are on the learning disability register.

You may need to make an appointment to talk about the learning disability register and if you can be added.  

Explain how your learning disability affects you

At your appointment, it may be helpful to tell them about your learning disability and the kind of support you need.

You could also talk to them about the  reasonable adjustments and support you need to make it easier to book an appointment and visit the doctor’s surgery.

You may prefer to use the words ‘learning difficulties’ when you talk about your disability. 

It is your right to speak about yourself as you choose, but some doctor’s surgeries may not understand what you mean. 

They may think learning difficulties just means finding it hard to read, write or use numbers.  

It may be extra important for you to be able to explain the kinds of things you need support with - so they know to add you to the register. 

Mencap Myth Buster — Brendan Chivasa story

Brendan Chivasa is a Mencap Myth Buster and campaigner. He is on the learning disability register.

Read Brendan’s blog to find out why the learning disability register is important. 

A man at the doctors getting a check up and joining the LD Register

Easy Read reasonable adjustments letter

This letter may be useful to get help at the doctor’s surgery. 

Fill it in or ask someone to help, and give it to the doctor's surgery next time you visit.

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The Learning Disability Helpline

Our free helpline service offers advice and support for people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

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