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Annual Health Checks

If you have joined the learning disability register you might be able to have a free Annual Health Check.

Easy Read guide

What is an Annual Health Check?

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Annual health checks are for people with a learning disability who are over 14 years old. 

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They are done by your doctor or nurse once a year 

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They help you stay healthy 

A patient sitting in front of a doctor at a desk talking

You don’t need to be ill to get a health check, but you can ask your doctor or nurse about anything that is hurting or worrying you. 

A patient talking to his doctor sitting at a desk

It is a good way to get to know your doctor’s surgery better, and for them to find out more about you. 

How do I get an Annual Health Check?

A woman and man talking at a table. The woman is showing the man a leaflet.

You should talk to your doctor’s surgery to see if you can have an Annual Health Check. 

What happens in an Annual Health Check?

Watch our video to see people with a learning disability talking about what happens at an Annual Health Check, why it’s important, and what support you can ask for. 

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Annual Health Check Easy Read

Here’s our Easy Read guide with more information about Annual Health Checks. 

Easy Read guide

Time for action!

The front cover of the NHS learning disability register showing peoples names

Make sure you are on the Learning Disability Register .

Find out about the learning disability register 

Two women at a doctors reception desk (one in a wheel chair) They are both talking to the receptionist behind the desk.

Ask your doctor’s surgery if you can have an Annual Health check  

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Invite someone to your health check if you like 

A booklet with the title My Plan

In your Annual Health Check, ask your doctor or nurse to make a health action plan.

Find out about the Annual Health Check

Guide for parents, family and carers

This page is for family members, carers and medical professionals. It gives extra information about Annual Health Checks, why they are important, and how you can help someone with a learning disability to get the most out of their Annual Health Check. 

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