We can help you with the vital task of providing financial stability for your child’s future. We offer free and impartial information to help you when considering your options.

Contact us for assistance, or just for an informal chat about your situation and what options may be available to you.

Phone us on 0207 696 6925 or email willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk.

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If you are worried about your child’s future without you, Mencap’s Wills and Trusts service is here to help.

Making the right arrangements now is vital, because a lump sum inheritance can affect your child’s benefit entitlements.

Setting up a discretionary trust can give them financial security, protection from outside influences and ensure minimal change to their quality of life. 

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Frequently asked questions

Take a look at some of our answers to your frequently asked questions about Wills and Trusts.

If you have any more questions that you would like to discuss, please contact us on 0207 696 6925 or willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk.

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Planning for the Future seminars

We hold Wills and Trusts seminars around the country. These sessions are friendly, informative and give clear, helpful advice on how to provide financial security for a relative with a learning disability. 

The seminars are delivered by solicitors who specialise in this complex area of law. They will help you understand the merits of all your different options, and answer any questions you may have about this important decision.

See what seminars are coming up, and book your place for free.

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Our Wills and Trusts guides

We've created some guides to help you start to explore the right solution for your child’s future, and include our guides to Wills and Trusts, Guardianship and the Mental Capacity Act (2005).

Complete our online form to access the Wills and Trusts guides you need. 

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Who we've helped

Hear from Jane, whose son James has a learning disability.

Find out about how our Wills and Trusts Team advised and supported her and her husband to set up a Trust to protect James' financial future for when they are no longer around.

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