Our vision is for the UK to be the best place in the world for people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives.

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Our Big Plan has at its heart a commitment to listening to and being led by people with a learning disability

As a result we will make all our future decisions depending on what they tell us is important to them.

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We will work with

a woman with a clipboard writing down what a man with downs syndrome is saying to her


  • by listening to people with a learning disability to support them to fight for their rights and to realise their hopes and dreams


Three people outside a church with a tree next to it. One is in a wheelchair, another is Asian woman and the other is a man in a suite. This image is representing a diverse community


  • by supporting them in any way we can to build their confidence to find local answers.
A group of campaigners with signs and flags with messages on them in a public green space


  • by campaigning alongside people with a learning disability to make society fairer and to make sure their voices are heard.
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Playing our part

How Mencap will work alongside others to make a difference

  • By providing services that model our vision and ambition.
  • By campaigning for change; supporting people with a learning disability to ask for what they want and need, and supporting them to campaign for change.
  • By supporting people with information and advice for all areas of their lives.
  • By carrying out research into important issues to create a positive impact and see real change.
  • By supporting people to find solutions in their own communities.
A group of people talking sitting on chairs in a semi circle
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How we will work in the future

In order to realise our vision Mencap will have to change the way it works.

These are the areas we want to focus on as we deliver the Big Plan.

A group of people listening to one of the group


We will continue to listen to people with a disability and their families, and everything we do will be led by them. We will stop doing things ‘to and for’ others and always do things ‘with’ them.

A tree and a church with three people in front of them


We will listen to what communities want and support them to make things happen.

People talking forming a partnership

Partnership working

We will work in strong partnerships with individuals, communities and other organisations to make the UK the best place to live a happy and healthy life.

Three people who have come up with an idea to test

Being flexible

We will try and test new things, accept that we don’t have all the answers, and respond to new evidence as we go.

A group of people campaigning against discrimination

Breaking down barriers

We recognise the inequalities that exist and won’t stand by when we see injustice. Our role is to support people with a learning disability to break through those barriers.

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Our promises

How we help each other to do great things

Our promises help to keep us on the right path and to remind us what is most important when making big decisions.

  • We always work in a person-centred way – treating individuals with dignity and respect and placing them at the centre of our work.
  • We always focus on impact – everything we do must result in a positive difference.
  • We never accept barriers in society – we will always speak up when we see injustice.
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Our values are at the heart of Mencap’s culture and inform how we work every day.

Positive: We are positive in our work and with each other
Inclusive: We are inclusive of everyone
Passionate: We are passionate about making the world a better place
Kind: We are kind to everyone
Brave: We are brave. We challenge and try new things
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Looking to the future

Following our 75th anniversary, this is an exciting time in Mencap’s history. 

Our Big Plan will help us to bring about lasting, positive change and make the UK the best place to live a happy and healthy life if you have a learning disability.

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