Philanthropic individuals and organisations make Mencap who we are

Their support enables us to deliver programmes to the highest standard, and go above and beyond in meeting the needs of people with a learning disability . This sets us apart as a leading organisation , empowering and championing the rights and welfare of the people we support.

How to help

Our work is never complete, and we strive to do more for people with a learning disability. 

If you would like to be part of this, either as an individual, or through a trust or foundation we are here to support you.

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Personal donations

If you are a trust or foundation, or if you are an individual interested in making a personal donation please email Liz Pyper.

Email Liz

What we do

Using our experience and knowledge we deliver a range of programmes to support people with a learning disability at every milestone, from childhood through to adulthood. 

  • Early years - The right support at the right time during the crucial stages of the development of children with a learning disability
  • Friendships & relationships - Services & opportunities for people with a learning disability to overcome loneliness, make friends & enjoy life
  • Access to justice - Advice and practical support to ensure people with a learning disability can exercise their legal rights
  • Meaningful employment - Giving people with a learning disability the support & skills they need to gain or move closer to paid employment

The right support can change someone's life

Eddie has benefited enormously from one of Mencap's employment programmes.

He had struggled to find employment, but with Mencap's dedicated help, Eddie was successful at gaining paid employment at Greggs.

Hear from Eddie

"I started having weekly one to one sessions with Rachel from Mencap, working on my confidence and interview skills by practicing questions using role-play. This was useful for me because I can be very shy and didn't know how to act in interviews. I was successful in getting an interview with Greggs, then found out that I had got the job. I was really pleased with my achievement. 

My manager , Elita, says that I am the best team member on the tills and I am pleased with that. Mencap helped me gain the confidence to get into work and I am now doing 5 days a week at Greggs.  I stay in touch with the Mencap team and have enjoyed telling them about my progress."
- Eddie

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How to make your gift go further

A gift to Mencap can go further if you claim Gift Aid.

This table explains how this works.

Tax band Donation Gift Aid claimed by Mencap Tax relief claimed back Donation amount after tax relief Total value of donation to Mencap
Non-UK tax payer £10,000 £0 £0 £10,000 £10,000
Basic rate tax payer (20%) £10,000 £2,500 £0 £10,000 £12,500
Higher rate tax payer (40%) £10,000 £2,500 £2,000 £8,000 £12,500

Be part of the change

Here at Mencap, we are passionate about changing the future for people with a learning disability.

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We will work with you to identify how your support can have a unique impact in an area of your choice.

In return for your commitment, our dedicated and experienced team will commit to you by providing:

  • a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions you have, and to ensure your support is directed in the way you choose
  • regular updates on the impact of your gift, in a way that suits you
  • the opportunity to visit projects and the people you are helping
  • invitations to join us at events such as our Christmas concert and breakfast get-togethers.
A woman in a wheelchair with her support worker crouched beside her sitting outside