Gifts in Wills make life happier for people with a learning disability

Around half of everything we raise through fundraising comes from the generous gifts we receive in people’s Wills.

The impact of these gifts is incredible. 


How gifts in Wills make life happier for people with a learning disability

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Help people with a learning disability with a gift in your Will

Cynthia's story

“I chose to leave a gift in my Will to Mencap in memory of my sister, June, who had Down’s syndrome. June was an amazing person. I’m lucky that she was my sister. 

There’s one thing that I think should apply to every person, and certainly to everyone with a learning disability – and that is to be treated with dignity. So I hope that my gift means others get the support and understanding they need.”  

Cynthia, Mencap supporter 

Cynthia's sister June

"Mencap was brilliant. They made me stronger and helped me fight. That was massive." - Reece’s mum, Susie

Reece has a learning disability and is autistic. For years he lived happily at home with his family.

Despite not having a mental health condition, Reece was moved into a mental health hospital away from his family. He was wrongly kept there for 2 years. 

Reece’s mum, Susie, reached out to Mencap for help. He now lives in a supported flat where he can be a part of his community .

We were able to reunite Susie with her son, and continue to change the lives of other families like theirs, because of your gifts in Wills.

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We're in a position to help

In this video Paul and Richard talk about why they chose to leave a gift in their Will to Mencap.

They came to us for advice and support for their loved ones with a learning disability, and left a gift to ensure we’re always here for people with a learning disability, and their families and carers who need us.

Frequently asked questions about leaving a gift in your Will

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