"I am an activist fighting for the rights of disabled people.”

In this blog, Thomas, a member of Coventry Youth Activists (CYA), talks about their Ally Pack – an online resource which raises awareness about online disability hate and ableism and how you can challenge it. 


Become a Mencap activist

If Learning Disability Week is motivating you to campaign to change the everyday challenges faced by people with a learning disability , why not consider becoming a local activist? Our community activism coaches will help you. 

Campaign for change

Do you believe in a world where everyone is seen and heard?

People with a learning disability have had enough of being ignored, mistreated, looked down on, treated like children - and sometimes, even locked away. 

Join our Do You See Me campaign to help create communities where people with a learning disability are seen, heard and valued.

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could answer a call from someone in crisis who reaches out to our Learning Disability Helpline for support.


could help a trained caseworker stop a parent’s loved one from being wrongfully locked up in a mental health hospital.


could help pay for urgent legal support for a family in desperate need of advice to prevent their loved one being admitted to an in-patient unit.

Why We Care

We have come together across sectors to call on all political parties to fix the broken social care system. Please support our joint letter with over 50 charities calling for a reform of social care. 

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What is a learning disability?

For Learning Disability Week Harry, Mo and Dan made this video where they discuss the question ‘What is a learning disability?’

Being seen, heard and valued

The theme for this year's Learning Disability Week is: "Do you see me?" which is all about being seen, heard and valued.

We asked some people with a learning disability what they would like to say to people without a learning disability. Watch our video to find out what was said. 

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Heidi Manifesto
The Mencap Manifesto
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About voting

We're here to help

If you need information or advice you can use our free helpline and advice service.

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