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If you have a learning disability , or are a parent or carer of someone with a learning disability you can share your pandemic experience for Every Story Matters by contacting our helpline directly

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Help shape the independent UK Covid-19 Inquiry by sharing your story about the pandemic.

The pandemic affected every single person in the UK, but it had an especially big impact on people with a learning disability and this is your opportunity to share the impact it had on you. 

Your story can help inform the UK Covid-19 Inquiry’s investigation and give you the chance to share what you think could be learned, what could have been done better, or differently, and what was done well.

What is the UK Covid-19 Inquiry? 

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry is the public investigation to examine the UK’s response to, and impact of, the coronavirus pandemic. The Inquiry is independent from the government and is completely impartial.

‘Every Story Matters’ is the name of the campaign which is inviting the UK public to share their experiences of the pandemic with the Inquiry.

Why should I share my experience with the Inquiry?

The Inquiry wants to hear from as many people as possible, from different communities across the UK, and especially those most significantly impacted like those with a learning disability and their families.

We know some experiences are painful to talk about, and sometimes it’s difficult thinking back, but the Inquiry needs to hear from the learning disability community and their unique and individual lived experiences. 

How do I share my story with the Covid-19 Inquiry?

If you have a learning disability, or are a parent or carer of someone with a learning disability you can contact our helpline directly

You could also share your pandemic experience by completing the short Every Story Matters online form that allows you to easily submit your experience of the pandemic. There is an English form or a Welsh form that you can use.

Alternatively if you would prefer a paper form, please email:  or write to: FREEPOST UK Covid-19 Inquiry. You will not need a stamp.

What happens after I have shared my story?

Everyone’s stories will be collated by the Inquiry, analysed and turned into themed reports, which will be submitted into each relevant investigation as evidence. These reports will be anonymised.

Help and more information about the Covid-19 Inquiry and Every Story Matters campaign can be found at: