Annual Health Checks

Annual Health Checks

Calendar years next to a stethoscope

What is an Annual Health Check?

A man in a wheelchair pointing at his chest and a woman standing up, also pointing at her chest

Annual Health Checks are for people with a learning disability.

Doctor at a desk with a 2023 calendar

An Annual Health Check is done by your doctor or a nurse once a year.

A woman smiling with her hands raised next to a love heart symbol

It is there to help you stay healthy.

A group of woman around a sign which says 14+

You can get an Annual Health Check if you are aged 14 or older.

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Most people with a learning disability can get an Annual Health Check.

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Why is it good to have an Annual Health Check?

A woman thinking with a speech bubble above her head

You can talk to your doctor about anything you are worried about.

A man sitting in front of his doctor at a desk talking.

You can get to know your doctor better.

A man standing in front of a heart shape of fruit and vegetables

You can get ideas about how to be more healthy.

A man coughing and a medicine bottle being poured into a measuring cup

If there is anything wrong then the doctor can sort it out before it gets worse.

A young man raising his hand to ask a question

What happens at your Annual Health Check?

A nurse standing beside a doctor who is sitting at a desk

A doctor or nurse from your surgery may:

A seated woman taking the blood pressure of a seated man

Check things about your body, like your heart and blood pressure.

A medicine bottle pouring medicine into a measuring cup within a speech bubble.

Ask about any medicines you are taking.

Chips and vegetables in a speech bubble

Ask about the food you eat.

A hand holding a dip stick next to a sample bottle and a water symbol

Check your blood and your wee.

Three pictures of the same woman in a speech bubble. One picture is thinking, another is celebrating and the other  has her hands over her ears.

Ask about how you are feeling.

A man in a wheel chair with one hand raised sitting next to a light bulb

Top tips for your Annual Health Check

A couple greeting each other with a handshake

You can bring someone with you if you like.

A man with his hand raised asking a question

Ask the doctor to explain anything you do not understand.

A man with both palms of his hands facing upwards with a speech bubble

Tell the doctor how you really feel, it will help them to help you.

A smiling man next to a clock

Take your time.

A woman frowning with the palm of her hand stretched out in front of her

You can say no if there is a part of the health check you do not want to do.

A patient sitting across a desk from a doctor

Remember, your doctor is there to help you, so you do not need to feel worried.

A book with the words My Plan on the front

Health action plans

A woman in a wheel chair with her hand raised to ask a question

Ask your doctor to give you a health action plan at your Annual Health Check

A woman sitting across a desk from a doctor with a My Plan book

A health action plan is written by you and your doctor.

A woman holding up a list with her thumbs up

Your health action plan tells you the things you need to do to keep healthy.

A woman yawning in bed and a couple talking

Like getting enough sleep or talking to someone when you feel worried.

A woman with her hand on her heart next to a My Plan book

It says how you will get the support you need with your health.

A woman sitting at a table with a man. The woman is showing the man a leaflet

Like how your doctor can make sure your appointments are easy to understand.