About reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments

A woman in a wheel chair surrounded by symbols of her specific needs

Reasonable adjustments are small changes that can help people with a learning disability be treated equally.

A man in a wheelchair pointing at himself in front of a large poster of the Equality Act

The law says that reasonable adjustments should be put in place.

It is your right to ask for reasonable adjustments when you have an appointment for your health.

A list of different needs on a clipboard

Reasonable adjustments could be the way that the staff treat you, or things that you need when you are at your appointment.

Every person is different and will need different changes but there are some which are more common.

Examples of reasonable adjustments that you could ask for:

A doctor talking clearly and smiling with a patient who is listening

Staff who speak clearly and use easy words

A clock showing the time duration

A longer appointment

Man holding his hospital passport standing outside a hospital

A hospital passport which tells people all about you

An empty doctor's waiting room

A quiet place to wait, or a private room

A red cross over a complicated form next to a green tick over an easy read form

Easy read information

A visual planner of a persons morning arrangements which include a nurse appointment

An appointment at a time which is better for you

A stop watch between two people

Having your appointment on time

A man supported by a female friend is greeted by a doctor

Support workers or family members with you

A male nurse.

Help from a learning disability nurse

A woman in a wheelchair using an access ramp

Better physical access and help to get around

A seated woman with her hand raised to ask a question

Staff may have already put reasonable adjustments in place for you, but it is important that you tell them if you need anything else.

It is your right to ask for reasonable adjustments.

A woman holding up an easy read document of the Accessible Information Standard

If you want to know about how to get more understandable information from health and social services, read the Accessible Information Standard easy read.

A nurse giving a man a vaccination

If you are having a vaccination, we have made an easy read about the vaccine reasonable adjustments you could ask for.