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In partnership with Sport England and The National Lottery, Mencap deliver Round the World Challenge across England.

Round the World Challenge aims to support people with a learning disability to get out and get active in a way that is flexible, fun and motivating.

How does it work?

Round the World Challenge is all about turning hours of fun physical activities and sports into a round the world adventure.

Choose from 3 different routes, log activity hours and receive regular rewards throughout. 

Get involved!

If you're interested in taking part in the Round the World Challenge please contact us through our online portal.

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What is Round the World Challenge?

Watch this video from Project 49 to find out more about Round the World Challenge.

What are the benefits?

As well as the health and social benefits of being active, being involved in RTWC can help in other areas of life.

As part of the programme there are sports leadership, volunteering and employment opportunities available.

See the impact we have

Watch this video report from BBC Midlands on the impact of Round the World Challenge.

How to take part

Register your interest in taking part by visiting the Round the World Challenge portal now

We will provide more information and explain what support we can provide for your Round the World Challenge journey.

Vijay Patel, who took part in a pilot scheme said:

“Taking part in Round The World Challenge has made me so confident and helped me get a paid job. 

"I feel so much fitter and I’ve made loads of friends.  I am now vice-captain of a 5-a-side Football team where I am one of the top goal scorers!

"Thank you to players from the National Lottery for giving us the money to help more people like me get involved.”

Round the world challenge - FAQs

We've given answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Round the World Challenge. 

Click the questions below to reveal each answer beneath.

How can I stay active during the coronavirus lockdown?

Although keeping active is a challenge during lockdown, the government is recommending people who are able to, to do so.

This is possible either through taking part in fitness activities at home, going for a walk outside or playing tennis.  

Here are a few suggestions to help support you stay active:

Can I join Round the World Challenge during the coronavirus outbreak?

You can still join up and start your Round the World Challenge during the current coronavirus outbreak.

If you are staying physically active during the lockdown, either by going for a walk or exercising at home, you can use this activity to count towards your hours and route!

To sign up and start your challenge go to the Round the World Challenge portal and register your interest.

The portal has been accessibly designed to enable people with a learning disability to use it and log their activity hours. When signing up you will receive a user guide and Mencap are able to provide extra support were needed.

Who is it for?

Round the World Challenge allows groups and individuals with a learning disability aged 16 and older to take part in physical activity and sport.

What activities can be done for the challenge?

Any form of physical activity can help you complete the challenge and you can do this in a group or on your own at your own pace.

For example, you can take part in activities like yoga, boccia, dancing, or more traditional sports like football, cycling and tennis. 

During lockdown due to coronavirus, we suggest activities such as walking, cycling, following fitness videos or doing yoga at home.

How do I log my activity?

Mencap has developed a Round the World Challenge portal where you can track all the activity you do.

The portal is free to use and calculates your progress, giving you a map of where you are on your journey. You can also complete questionnaires, download rewards and log volunteering hours on the portal.

The portal has been designed so that people with a learning disability can log their own hours, all you need is an email address. The Round the World Challenge team will support you to get set up and continue to offer support during your challenge.

What resources are available?

We have the following resources to help you on your adventure:

  • passports to track your journeys
  • maps of the 3 routes
  • t-shirt with Round the World Challenge branding
  • postcards to act as rewards (available online through the portal)
  • certificates on completion (available online through the portal)

We'll share these with you as you progress with the challenge.

We will do our best to get the resources sent out as soon as possible, but due to current coronavirus pandemic, these may take longer than normal to get to you.

How do I get involved?

Please contact us by visiting the Round the World Challenge portal to find out how you can start your journey and what support we can provide you.

What is happening at the moment?

Round the World Challenge is a partnership between Mencap, local Mencap services and network partners, sports organisations and external disability organisations. 

The challenge is currently running in:

  • North Yorkshire
  • Merseyside
  • Lancashire
  • Leicestershire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Coventry and Warwickshire
  • South Essex
  • South London
  • East Cornwall and Devon.


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