What is All Move?

All Move is an inclusive sport project run and funded by Mencap. The project will bring children with and without a learning disability together on the same team, to learn new skills and try out different physical activities together.  

All Move teams will get to try sports and activities that they might otherwise never get to try – like wheelchair rugby, walking hockey, climbing walls and even zorbing!

All the activities will be designed to include kids with and without a disability, helping everyone work together and challenging perceptions of what people with a learning disability can and can’t do. 

Two young boys, All Move students, body-boarding on beach.

Why All Move?

All Move will use sport and physical activity to bring young people of all backgrounds and abilities together.

By bringing young people together on the same team and making sure the next generation don’t grow up segregated from people with a learning disability, we can wipe out stigma and start building a society that really includes everyone.  

Playing sport together is also a great way for students to improve their health and wellbeing, increase their confidence, build new friendships and combat the isolation often experienced by people with a learning disability. 

Group of young people dancing in sports hall.

What the students think

“I’d describe All Move as a place where no matter your disabilities or maybe you can’t do stuff, like you come together, you unite together and you work as a team to achieve things. And that’s the best bit about it.” - All Move student  

“When you come here you just feel happiness. If you meet new people, you can have a long-term friendship with them.” - All Move student   

“All Move is an amazing experience, you can just get to do loads of amazing things we couldn’t normally do, and get to meet new people and stuff. Just because some people have special needs it doesn’t mean they’re any different to us. So now if I just saw anyone I’d just go and talk to them.” - All Move student 

“Every time when we do All Move it’s my favourite.” - All Move student 

“It might be a new thing for you or you might feel a little bit nervous about doing it, but once you’ve come and you’ve done a couple of sessions, you become like a big nice family and it’s really fun.” - All Move student 

All Move and the marathon

Mencap are enormously proud to have been named the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year - and every penny raised by our runners will go towards the All Move programme!  

With your help, we’re going to make the most of this incredible opportunity and put learning disability in the global spotlight on marathon day! We’re ready to kick-start a movement of change and take a huge step towards greater inclusion for people with a learning disability. 

In recognition of the marathon, the challenge is 26 hours long – a virtual marathon! Each school can decide how they want to complete the 26 hours over the school year, and which sports and physical activities they will do. Students will even get a medal when they reach the ‘finish line’! 

Get involved!

We will be delivering the All Move project in the academic year 2020/21 in partnership with schools across England and Wales. 

Do you know a mainstream or SEN school who would love to get involved with All Move?  

To find out more or ask any questions, get in touch with us at allmove@mencap.org.uk.