What is All Move?

All Move is a health initiative run and funded by Mencap. The challenge has been designed to increase the opportunities for young people with a learning disability and autism to get physically active, aiming to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

All Move participants will get to try a range of sports and activities through their school or community group, as well as utilising content online and being encouraged to exercise in their own free time, at home and beyond: a physical activity marathon of 26 hours across the year!

This framework of exercise promotes overall wellbeing and confidence, developing an understanding of healthy habits and a positive outlook on physical activity for the future. 

Play with large ball

Why All Move?

We know that events in recent times have limited opportunities for young people with a learning disability to stay active. All Move is therefore aiming to improve individuals’ physical activity habits to develop overall wellbeing and confidence, promoting independence in the process.

With resources designed to motivate and inspire a positive outlook on exercise, the challenge aims to instil a sense of achievement that will leave a lasting impact on participants.

Exercise, physical activity, sport: however you put it, getting active is a great way for young people to feel better about themselves and to combat feelings of isolation and boredom.

Indoor Climbing

What the students think

"When you come here you just feel happiness." – All Move student

“Every time we do All Move it’s my favourite.” - All Move student

"It might be a new thing for you or you might feel a little bit nervous but - once you’ve come and you’ve done a couple of sessions - it’s really fun." – All Move student

“Archery was amazing! Bowling is super fun. I got 150,000 billion points!”  – All Move student

All Move and the marathon

Mencap were enormously proud to have been the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year. The partnership raised over £440,000 (including gift aid). This was a record breaking amount, and every penny raised will help towards supporting young people with a learning disability to get more active.

These funds also allowed our 2019/20 model of All Move to bring students with and without a learning disability together through sport. This inclusive work was tackling stigma and promoting friendships to great effect.

In recognition of the marathon partnership – the All Move challenge is 26 hours long, every hour equating to a mile! Each participant will even get a medal and certificate when they reach the ‘finish line’.

Get involved!

We will be delivering the All Move project in the academic year 2020/21 in partnership with schools across England and Wales. 

Do you know a mainstream or SEN school who would love to get involved with All Move?  

To find out more or ask any questions, get in touch with us at allmove@mencap.org.uk.