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The Priority Services Register

Ask to be added to the free Priorities Services Register - a list that energy and water companies use to make sure they offer help to people who need it. 

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Thanks to the British Gas Energy Trust for providing funding to help create these resources

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How to get help with food, energy and fuel costs

We've created a page about the governments cost of living payments. Find out if you are eligible and how to claim them.

Alternatively, join one of our free webinars.


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Advice and support

The Mencap helpline provides free advice and information for people with a learning disability , as well as where you can find help locally

The Mencap helpline
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Advice about your energy bills 

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How does the energy price cap work?
3 different energy bills
How do energy bills work?
photo of the first page of the easy read doc about tips to save energy
Reduce the amount of energy you use
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Find out if you can claim benefits
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What to do if you can’t afford to pay

If you can’t afford to pay your energy bills, we have specialist cost of living advisers who can give you guidance .

Contact the Mencap Helpline
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Help with food 

Food banks can give people food in an emergency and sometimes share fuel vouchers to help pay for gas and electricity. The Citizens Advice have information on how to use a food bank.

You usually need a referral to use a food bank.

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Cheap but tasty Easy Read recipes

Try these delicious recipes from a Community Interest Company called Turning Heads.

Sticky chocolate cake

Pound cake

Vegetable paella

Tuna fritters

Easy enchiladas

Cost of living questions

Frequently asked questions around the cost of living crisis 

What can I do to make a difference?

You could become a Mencap e-campaigner to make a difference - why not register today?

Alternatively, if you have a story to share about the cost of living crisis, do let us know. We want to share your experiences to help people understand what things are like for people with a learning disability.