Ideas to save energy

Ideas to save energy

Things to think about when you use your gas, electric and water

A gas bill

When you get a gas, electric or water bill, it will tell you how much gas, electric or water you have used. 

A hand holding some twenty, ten and five pound notes.

If you use a lot of gas, electric and water, you will have to pay more than someone who does not use as much gas, electric and water.

2 people talking to each other.

You might hear people talking about fuel poverty.

A lady wearing a hat and scarf and thinking about money and heating.

Fuel poverty is when you need to spend a lot of your money or benefits on keeping your home warm enough for you to be warm and healthy.

A man in a wheelchair smiling.  Beside him is a light bulb with yellow lines coming out from it.

This page gives you some ideas about how you can try to use less gas, electric and water at home.

A woman standing inside by a window with her hand on the handle.

Check your doors and windows close fully. Use a draught excluder if you need to.

A draught excluder in front of a window.

A draught excluder is a long piece of metal, wood or material which you put by the edge of a door or a window.

A house with a blue arrow pointing towards a window and a red arrow pointing away.

It stops the cold air coming in and the heat from your house going outside.

A pair of closed curtains.

When it starts to get dark, close your curtains or blinds to help to keep the heat in the room.

A finger on the buttons of a heating or hot water timer.

Use the timer for your heating and hot water so that they are only on when you need them.

A heating thermostat with a finger on one of the buttons.

Use the thermostat to choose how warm the rooms are when your heating is on.  

A hand on an electric kettle.

Only put as much water as you need in your kettle. 

A tap with blue water drops coming out of it and a tap with red water drops coming out of it.

Check that your taps are turned off fully and are not dripping.

A tub of ice cream in a freezer that has a lot of ice around the sides.

Defrost your freezer if it has a lot of ice around the shelves.

A lady wearing an apron and a cook's hat holding a saucepan and stirring with a spoon.

When you are cooking, use a saucepan which is the right size for what you are going to cook.

A cooker hob.

On the hob, use the right size ring for the saucepan.

A man putting clothes into a washing machine.

Try to wait until you have enough clothes to fill your washing machine before you wash them.

A lady looking at her watch.

It is quicker to wash clothes at 30 degrees than if you wash them at 40 degrees.

An electric socket with a red zig zag beside it.

This means you will use less electricity.

A tumble dryer.

Tumble dryers use a lot of electricity.

Pegs on a washing line.

Can you dry your clothes outside on a washing line?

Clothes on a clothes airer.

Can you dry your clothes on a clothes airer?

A lady with her hand on the handle of an open window.

If you use a clothes airer indoors, you might want to open the window so the damp air can go outside.

A full dishwasher.

Try to wait until the dishwasher is full before you put it on. 

A washing machine.

Some washing machines and dishwashers have a delay button.

A man putting clothes into a washing machine.

A delay button means you can put your clothes or dishes in the machine and set the programme,

A watch with an arrow going around the watch.

but the machine will not start until later.

A night sky with a moon and stars.

If your electricity is cheaper at night, you might want to use the delay button so that your machine works when the electricity is cheaper.

A man asleep in bed.

If the machine will be working at night, think about whether it will wake anyone up.

A shower with water coming out of it.

A shower uses less water than a bath.

A shower with water coming out of it and a stopwatch.

Try not to spend too much time in the shower. 

A man brushing his teeth.

Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.

A light bulb with yellow lines coming out of it.

Only turn on lights when you need them.

A light switch which is off.

Turn off the light if you are not using a room.

A tv with a blank screen.

Turn off things like your tv.  Do not leave them on standby.

A laptop and a mobile phone.

Most laptops and phones only need an hour or two to charge.

An electric socket which is switched on and has a red zig zag beside it.

If you charge them overnight, you will use more electricity than they need.

4 people talking in a group.

You might want to ask friends and family for their ideas about how you can try not to use too much gas, electric and water at home.

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