What is the cost of living crisis? 

The cost of essential things like food, gas, electricity and petrol are going up quickly. Some people are being asked to pay more for their care as well. 

As wages and benefits aren’t going up as quickly, paying for the things you need might become much more difficult. 

How might it affect me? 

  • Your money from wages or benefits may not cover as much as usual.  
  • You might find it harder to pay for food. 
  • Your weekly shopping might cost more than usual. This might mean you have to buy less 
  • You may find the cost of energy to light and heat your home becomes more expensive. 

In October the energy price cap changes. This means that energy companies will charge you more for gas and electricity during the winter. This is when most of us need to use more energy to keep our homes warm, or to cook hot food. 

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How to get help with food, energy and fuel costs

We've created a page full of information about the governments cost of living payments.

Find out if you are eligible and how to claim them.

Find out more
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