Social tariffs for water

Social tariffs for water

Three grey squares, each with a pound sign in them.

A tariff sets how much you have to pay for each unit of something you use. 

A gas flame, an electric socket, water and a phone.

You might pay a tariff for: 

  • gas 
  • electricity 
  • phone calls 
  • water 
A grey square with a pound sign in it.  A hand holding some money and a green arrow pointing down.

If you are on a social tariff, you pay less for each unit you use than on other tariffs. 

A hand holding some money with a green arrow pointing down beside a drop of water.

Every water company has a social tariff scheme to help some people pay less for their water. 

A book of rules.

Each water company has different rules about who can be on their social tariff.   

A laptop screen with a web address on it.

You can look at the CCW website to see a list of water companies in England and Wales and the rules about social tariffs for each company. 

A phone, a laptop with an email and a hand writing on an envelope.

Or you can contact your water company and ask them what their rules are about who can be on their social tariff for water.

How to get help

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You can get help and advice on our  website  at

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If you are worried about money, contact our  Learning Disability  Helpline: 

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  • Call us Monday to Friday on 0808 808 1111