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About me

I'm a cheeky, loving and inspirational person. I started running with my Dad, Grumpy Nick, in 2017 and - like Forest Gump - I haven't stopped since, completing the London Marathon twice.

People with a learning disability can teach the world about living life to the fullest.

Myth to bust: Non-verbal people can't contribute and join in with everyone else. Even though I can't speak, I can hear and understand what's being said. Don't ignore us.

Freddie Top Facts


I have Global Development Delay, I’m non-verbal and I communicate through a tablet and speech synthesiser software

Age and location

24, Hertfordshire


  • Running
  • Surfing the internet
  • Peas and roast potatoes


  • Fruit
  • Numbers
  • Sudden noise

There's no stopping Freddie!

He's a marathon runner on a mission to show the world that he is just “like everyone else”.

Freddie in a Mencap running vest showing his marathon medal to the camera and crowds
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