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About me

I’m a passionate, positive activist who wants to show the world that people with a learning disability can raise their voice and make a difference, whether we're singing Whitney Houston at the pub, standing up against bullies or protesting outside parliament.

My dream is to achieve equality for people with a learning disability and start my own charity in Zimbabwe, where I was born.  

Myth to bust: You can't communicate with a person with a learning disability; not true, I have a lot to say about a lot of things!

Brendan Top Facts


I have cerebral palsy and a learning disability

Age and location

27, London


  • Karaoke and kebabs
  • Whiskey and coke
  • Arsenal FC


  • Unfairness
  • Tottenham FC
  • Rude people who stare
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The GP Learning Disability Register

Brendan Chivasa highlights the importance of joining the GP Learning Disability Register  

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Huffington Post in October 2023:

Brendan talks about the challenges of finding work.

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