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About me

I am happy, funny and handsome. I love to draw and I am obsessed with frogs and trains. I want everyone to know that people like me can go to college; I love living independently.

Myth to bust: People with a learning disability cannot live independently; I love it!

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Harvey Top Facts


I have autism , Prader-Willi Syndrome, Septo-Optic Dysplasia and a learning disability

Age and location

19, Cheltenham


  • Flippin' bull-frogs
  • Gatwick Express
  • Bear hugs from mummy


  • Banging doors
  • Changes to routine
  • Missing FaceTime calls
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Harvey sets a new Guinness World Record!

Harvey, has a passion for trains and art and has achieved something incredible!

He's broken a Guinness World Record with an amazingly long train drawing.

Harvey Price Myth Buster World Record
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News about Harvey

harvey price

A BBC news article July 2023

Find out more about Harvey's Guinness World record.

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