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About me

I'm a larger-than-life people person who loves doing magic tricks and making everyone around me laugh. I'm also a campaigner for people with a learning disability who deserve to be treated equally by health services, having been on my own cancer journey. There's a huge difference between caring for someone and supporting them to do things for themselves.

Myth to bust: People with a learning disability can't do things for themselves. I live in a house share with my mates and lead an independent life.

Nigel Top Facts


I have a learning disability .

Age and location

52, Birmingham 


  • Playing hockey 
  • Causing mischief 
  • Sweaty gigs 


  • Loud noises 
  • Eggs 
  • Stereotypes 

"Support, for me, is that you need everything checked"

Going through cancer treatment with a learning disability was tough for Nigel so in this article he explains how doctors can help.

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