What is My Community?

A group of people sat around a table discussing something. There is a man wearing a suit in the middle with a Mencap logo on his jacket.

MyCommunity is a project run by Mencap that partners with local people who want to make their community a great place for people with learning disabilities to live. 

A man working for Mencap shakes hands with a woman who is talking about how much she cares about her local area.

We recruit local people to become 'Community Partners' and help communities come together to take action on things that matter to them. 

A man with Down's Syndrome waving and smiling to the camera

We have also hired people with learning disabilities as 'Community Connectors'.

A group of people surrounded by speech bubbles that contain pictures of things they would like to see in their community.

They use their experiences to tell us what matters to them and what would help make their communities better places for them to live in. 

A map of the UK showing the locations of My Community

Where is My Community and how do I get in touch?

There are 9 different My Community projects across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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You can get in touch with My Community by using our online form.

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Or you can phone or email the Community partner for the My Community project nearest to you.

Areas where there are My Community projects


Contact : Alice Cranston


07890 043455


Contact: Lynn McKenzie




Contact:  Stella Osan




Contact: mycommunity@mencap.org.uk


Contact: Laura Beech and Emily Clixby

07989739077 (Laura); 07890591796 (Emily)

laura.beech@mencap.org.uk emily.clixby@mencap.org.uk


Contact: Matt Bellbrough




Contact:  Lynne Fulcher




Contact: Cristina Bowman




Contact: Joey Ayris



What does MyCommunity do?

People doing lots of different activities like playing basketball, bowling, cards, painting and listening to music.

MyCommunity projects do lots of different kinds of activities like:

A man speaking into a megaphone, next to a woman in a training room

Raising local awareness of learning disability , for example, by arranging training for local organisations. 

Three sacks of money in English pound notes

Giving money to help local projects.

A woman sits at a desk using a laptop

Organising events to improve people's digital skills.

A woman reading an easy read document about events that are happening in her local area.

Creating information about what is going on in the local area that is easier for people with a learning disability to understand. 

People doing lots of different activities like playing basketball, bowling, cards, painting and listening to music.

These are just a few examples. There is lots more activity happening in My Community!

A man sitting on a surfboard that is being held in the water by two surf instructors

Dylan's story

My Community in Tenby gave seed funding to Blue Horizons Surf School so they could run surf clubs for people with learning disabilities. 

Many people have benefited from this including Dylan whose mum said "I never thought that Dylan would be able to confidently do surfing even though he loves being in the sea and has no fear of the water... He has improved so much in such a short space of time... The carers he goes with, who watch, say they have never seen him happier!"

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to know about learning disability to get involved with My Community?

No, we’re looking for people who are passionate about making a difference and committed to inclusion for everyone.

What do we mean by community?

We think a community is about a group of people who care about each other, care about where they live and have a sense of belonging to that place. This can be in a town, a village or a neighbourhood.

Is there funding involved in My Community?

Yes, My Community does have some funding. However, we don’t just want to provide funding and then disappear.

Most of the funding has gone towards ‘people power’. We have recruited people who know the communities where My Community is active, and they are helping to bring people together.

We also have some funding to support new ideas local people would like to work on.

What does it cost to get involved?

Nothing. There are no costs to get involved. All we might need is some of your time, some of your knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm for making a difference.