Do you love night life?

Would you like someone to go out with and have fun? 

We match people with a learning disability with a volunteer, giving you both the chance to go out and experience something you enjoy with a buddy.

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What is Gig Buddies?

Watch the video to hear Russell Howard explain what Gig Buddies is all about.

Gig Buddies is a great chance to go to events you like, with a buddy that has the same interests.

Many people with learning disabilities don't have the confidence to go out in the evenings alone, but would really like to. 

Why volunteer?

With gig buddies, volunteering just means doing something you already enjoy, whilst making new friends and having fun.

Mencap Gig Buddies provides:

  • A chance to meet new people, matched by your interests and the kind of places you like.
  • Opportunities to go to great events based on your shared interest.
  • A chance to help someone go to something they might not have gone to alone.
  • Friendly support, mentoring and guidance

For more information check out our frequently asked questions

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Why be a Buddy?

Being a Buddy means:

  • A chance to try new things
  • Going out in the evening and feeling safe
  • Getting to know someone new
  • Making friends

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The history of Gig Buddies

Gig Buddies is a project started by the charity Stay Up Late which they're sharing with like-minded organisations around the UK.

Gig Buddies matches people with a learning disability with a volunteer, based on a common interest or shared love for similar activities. For example, seeing live music, going to the theatre or socialising at your local pub quiz. Whatever your gig, there's a Gig Buddy for you.

Gig Buddies easy read guide

Download our easy read guide to Gig Buddies


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