How Mencap are working with families

Mencap's work with families is developed and delivered in collaboration with, and for, parents and carers who have a child with Special Educational Needs/Disabilities (SEND), or additional needs, who are 0-5 years old.

Currently we are working in Greater Manchester and The London Borough of Newham.

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Local communities help Mencap shape its work with families

As well as parents and carers of children with a learning disability , Mencap also works in partnership with local services to co-design and co-deliver its work with families.

A mother holding and kissing her child with down's syndrome

Mencap's family work is delivered through...

Peer support

A man and two women who are parents

Our Family Connector team develop peer support networks and peer-led events to build and strengthen people’s connections in their communities.





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We deliver an 8-week peer-led training course called Early Positive Approach to Support (E-PAtS) in partnership with the University of Kent. 




A couple with a child on the woman's knee. The man and child are pointing to the camera

Pointing families to other useful services and assets in their local area.




Establishing relationships

A conference meeting in progress with circular tables in a large room

To ensure families voices are heard we connect parents and carers with local decision makers, arranging for them to attend council and multi-agency meetings to influence how services are developed.




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We employ a team of parents with lived experience as Family Connectors to support others on their journey.



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Mencap's Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach

We support parents and carers to use their lived experience and expertise to identify local knowledge, strengths, challenges, and resources.

This enables them to then develop local solutions that create long-lasting, impactful change and make their communities better places for children with SEND to live happy and healthy lives.

A man beside a small children's slide watching his daughter slide down it.

Testimonials from parents and carers

“Being able to talk to someone and not feel judged because they have been through it too makes me feel so much better.”

– Parent/carer in Manchester.

“The support I have been getting from Mencap is really amazing. I know that in order to look after my child, I have to look after myself, but sometimes I forget and place my child first. I have been going to E-PAtS (Early Positive Approach to Support) training which has reminded me that I need to look after myself so I can also look after my child.”

– Parent/carer in Newham.

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Interested in Mencap's work with families?

If you'd like to know more about our community -led support with families please contact Raksha, our work with families specialist.

Email Raksha

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