Support for parents with a learning disability

Support for parents with a learning disability

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Parents with a learning disability have the right to a family life just like everyone else.

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We offer a small advocacy service to parents with a learning disability.

Advocacy is when someone helps you to stand up for yourself, when you want other people to listen to your views and wishes. 

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This service is currently for parents with learning disabilities who live in Walsall.

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We also offer some support in Wales.

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Our advocacy service gives support to parents who are known to the child protection services

Child protection services are run by local councils to make sure children are safe.

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Mencap aim to keep parents with learning disabilities and their children together.

We do this by supporting parents to learn skills to help them look after their children.

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We also help them understand instructions from the child protection services.

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We help parents to get their voices heard so they can work better with other services too.

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We help them make decisions by making sure they know the facts.

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Find out more about our advocacy services in...

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We are going to be doing more work to help parents with learning disabilities

We want to set up a group of parents with learning disabilities, their carers and healthcare professionals who will help us by:

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  • Sharing their experiences.
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  • Thinking of new ways to support each other.
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If you would like to take part, or find out more about this new group, email Rachel Ashcroft at