Simple changes in hospital care can make a big difference – better communication, more time and clearer information.

But we know the treatment people with a learning disability get in hospital is still not good enough in many parts of the country. This has to change.

1,200 people with a learning disability die avoidably every year.

Our campaign, Treat Me Well, calls on NHS staff to make reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability which can help to save lives.

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Have you been watching Casualty?

Did you see Casualty on Saturday 28 March? If so, you may have seen a character with a learning disability called Howie who was turned away from hospital after having stomach pains.

The three-episode storyline is based on the real-life case of a young boy with a learning disability, called Alex Haslam, whose family we supported. Mencap, along with Alex’s mum, Angela, and some of our Treat me well campaigners worked closely with the BBC team in researching and writing the storyline.


We know that people with a learning disability face huge inequalities when it comes to getting the healthcare they need and deserve.

While healthcare professionals are working hard under extreme pressure during the coronavirus outbreak, , it is more important than ever that the specific needs of people with a learning disability are acknowledged and reasonable adjustments are made in hospitals, especially if it is an emergency.

People with a learning disability have a right to be treated equally and access healthcare just like anyone else. Now, more than ever, people with a learning disability need to know that they can get the support they need in hospital.

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