Here I Am

Learning disability has been invisible for too long. It’s time to see people with a learning disability for all they are and all they can be.

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Understand me

Got questions about learning disability? Who better to ask than someone who has a learning disability!

We got Aeren to answer a range of questions. Take a look at the chat to see what she said, and find out about her experience of having a learning disability...

Chat with Aeren

I am not a learning disability

Do you think children with Down's syndrome should be hidden away? That's what some leading academics were calling for not long ago.

Watch our film to see Casey, a DJ with attitude (oh, and Down's syndrome too), destroy that view in his own skilful way.

Here I Am: Read the stories

Meet the stars of the campaign. You might have seen them on a billboard, on TV or the web. Find out about their interests and how their learning disability has affected their life.

Here I Am: Rahima

Rahima loves going out, eating, shopping and spending time with her family
Read more about Here I Am: Rahima

Here I Am: Ellen

Ellen is an actor and enjoys writing plays as well as going out with her friends
Read more about Here I Am: Ellen

Here I Am: Sarah Gordy

Sarah is an actor, dancer and model, who likes going to the cinema and nightclubs as well as Brighton beach
Read more about Here I Am: Sarah Gordy

Here I Am: Richard and Esther

Richard and Esther feel that more education and understanding is needed around learning disability
Read more about Here I Am: Richard and Esther

Here I Am: Vijay

Vijay works at Wetherspoons and would like to see more people with a learning disability in employment
Read more about Here I Am: Vijay

Here I Am: Joe

Joe is a Chelsea supporter and likes William Shakespeare, especially Romeo and Juliet
Read more about Here I Am: Joe

Hear from Rankin

All too often we overlook people with a learning disability, it is so easy to miss the person and see a stereotype instead. With these images I want people to see past the learning disability; to catch a glimpse of who each individual is, their personality and identity.

- Rankin

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Why we're campaigning

Here I Am is about raising awareness and improving understanding towards the 1.4 million people in the UK with a learning disability.

See facts and stats from our public attitudes survey, and find out more about learning disability as well.

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Other ways to get involved

You’ve watched the video and chatted to Aeren. Now you’re wondering, how else can I get involved?

Don't despair, there’s so much more, from donating to Mencap up to becoming a volunteer.

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Here I Am: Behind the scenes

Watched the film and want to see more?

Check out our behind the scenes video and learn about our superstar DJ and how we filmed him.

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View the Here I Am gallery

Many of the photos used with our Here I Am campaign were taken from a shoot by world renowned photographer, Rankin.

Take a look at the photos and read some of the quotes from the people with a learning disability who took part.

Take me there

Understand me

Aeren is ready and waiting to answer the questions you've always wanted to ask about learning disability, but never had the chance (or the nerve...)

See more from the campaign

Here I Am: Rankin photo shoot

Behind the scenes of the Here I Am photo shoot with Rankin
Read more about Here I Am: Rankin photo shoot

Here I Am: Casey

DJ Casey Dude loves music and technology. He also has Down’s syndrome and autism
Read more about Here I Am: Casey

Responses to "the quote"

We read a quote from a leading academic in the 1960’s about babies with Down syndrome to a number of people a learning disability. See what they thought
Read more about Responses to "the quote"

Here I Am: Aeren

Aeren is interested in travel, music and performing, and has a Foundation degree in Inclusive Performance
Read more about Here I Am: Aeren