I’m very open when it comes to other people wanting to talk to me about things. Yes, I have Down’s syndrome. It just means that when I was at school I didn’t learn as fast as everyone else.

I work for Mencap one day a week. I do blogging, typing, spreadsheets, lots of admin plus shredding. I like work but it’s not one of my favourite things. I like going out with my friends, my favourite place is obvious - the pub. I go out every Friday with some of my oldest friends.

I’m also an actor. There is a group which I am the lead actress for, Blue Sky Actors. We make up the plays ourselves. I wrote a play with my dad. It’s quite funny, my dad is not into acting the way I am but he did write half of it.  I wrote the fairy tale plot and my dad wrote the historical side of it. It’s a play about learning disability. It’s about a princess and her relationship with her Dad, the King, and her best friend. At the end of the play, the princess is pregnant but you don’t know if the princesses’ baby is disabled or not.

I feel strongly about disability. I think people should be treated the same as everybody else even if you have got a learning disability like me. Look at me, I’ve got Down’s syndrome and it doesn't make a difference to me. I've still got involved with everything. I’ve got friends and I still get treated like everybody else. I wouldn’t change anything about myself, except my time keeping because to be honest my time keeping is quite rubbish.

I am a very loving person. I have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for a year. I’d like to get married one day. My dream bridesmaids would be some of my oldest friends and my cousins. My parents are asking for grandchildren, hopefully I will have a baby one day. If my baby had a learning disability, I could handle it.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone who doesn’t know anything about learning disability, I would say to treat them the same as everybody else.

Photo credit: Rankin