We spoke to the people who took part in the Here I Am photo shoot with Rankin and asked them about their experiences taking part, and Rankin gave his verdict too.


All too often we overlook people with a learning disability , it is so easy to miss the person and see a stereotype instead. With these images I want people to see past the learning disability; to catch a glimpse of who each individual is, their personality and identity.


Rahima in hair and makeup studio


Exciting, very happy, she really enjoyed the day, it was a fantastic experience - she absolutely loved it. Rankin is lovely, very kind, a very lovely person.


Aeren having her makeup done


It was fun, it was different, exciting and new. Rankin was lovely. Normally I think models have it easy but they don’t!


Joe posing for the photoshoot


Very cool. Rankin is a very nice guy.


I found it useful and interesting. I think what I found interesting was knowing about different photo styles. I’ve never worked with a professional photographer before like Rankin, he’s like a top photographer. I would say i think it was great, great to work with Rankin. The makeup was unusual, never had that before. I’m not used to it but I coped!

Sarah Gordy

Sarah Gordy posing for the camera


It was fantastic! I love Rankin’s work; I’m a big fan. Taking photos with him has been an honour.

Richard and Esther

R: Very interesting, positive to get the message across about learning disability

E: What i have learned is to get the message across to get more understanding of people with a learning disability, because if they don’t have the understanding, how can they move forward in life? They need help and support from Mencap to get the message across. Let’s just put ourselves out there and get our voices heard.

R: It was good, I just said no tongues!

E: Yes, we made some jokes along the way and a few laughs.

R: Rankin was very good, we had a little joke about, didn’t we Esther?

E: He’s kind of a laugh, he’s a natural. He makes you feel at home and it feels like you want to be there and that he’s there to support you and he comes across as funny, a laugh and a joker.

R: Very supportive.

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Got questions about learning disability? Who better to ask than someone who has a learning disability!

We got Aeren to answer some questions. Take a look at the chat to hear her thoughts and experience of having a learning disability...

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