We believe all people with a learning disability should have the same access to healthcare and treatment as everybody else.

On average in the UK, people with a learning disability experience poorer health and healthcare than the rest of the general population. Find out how you or a loved one can access the healthcare you're entitled to. 

Don't Miss Out on better health

If you have a learning disability you could be missing out on extra support when visiting your doctor. We have worked with NHS England to produce a series of guides and an animated video showing the benefits of joining the Learning Disability Register - which could include having an Annual Health Check.

Make sure you Don't Miss Out!

Victoria's story of using her hospital passport

"In some cases it's saved her life. It's certainly aided making decisions, it's caused us less stress, it's helped prepare and make the support workers feel confident, and its very cost effective for the health professionals."

Watch our video about Victoria and how her hospital passport has transformed her care.

Parents and their daughter

Talking about health

If you have questions to ask or stories to share about your loved one's experience of the healthcare system, why not join FamilyHub? It's our online community for parents and family carers.

It's a place to connect with others who really understand.


Join FamilyHub

How to get the support you need

Contact the Learning Disability Helpline, our advice and support line, for guidance and information about what support we can offer you.

Or why not take a look at FamilyHub? This is our online community for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability, and is a place for sharing experiences, advice and support.

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