Only 6% of people with a learning disability known to local authorities and who are of working age are in paid employment. We want this to change.

Many studies have shown there are significant benefits for businesses that employ people with a learning disability, including the boosting of staff morale, improving the public image of your company, and financial costs.

Download our brochure or see below to find out more about learning disability and what it means for the workplace. 

You can also access Learning Disability Week 2017 research report here

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Find out more about the benefits of employing people with a learning disability

Download resource Good For Business brochure

Small costs, big benefits

  • 55% of 128 employers said there was a one-time cost for reasonable adjustments
  • 65% of around 2,000 employers said the financial effects of accommodations for employing people with a learning disability were cost neutral
  • £75 is the average adjustment costs for employing a person with a learning disability

The benefits of employing people with a learning disability

Richard has been a really valuable member of the team. After he joined, our Making Customers Matter score was consistently higher, which meant that we were able to pass our overall score for the year. I’m happy with his progress and his hard work has already paid off for the rest of the team.

Kevin Cook, store manager at Sainsbury’s

Bethan at Mencap supported me all the way through the interview. I didn’t have to fill out an application form. I do cleaning, tidying, dressing the shelves, sweeping inside and outside the store, and I help customers if they have a question.”

Richard, customer services assistant at Sainsbury’s (pictured, right)

Work performance and reputation

  • 97% of employers said they were likely to hire people with a learning disability again
  • 72% of employers in one study said company morale was an important factor in choosing to employ people with a learning disability
  • 92% of customers in one study said they felt favourably towards companies that employed people with disabilities

Learning Disability Week 2017 report

Download the Learning Disability Week 2017 report: a systematic review of the literature on the benefits for employers of employing people with learning disabilities, by Dr. Stephen Beyer & Dr. Annie Beyer.

Download resource Learning Disability Week 2017 research paper

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