Relationships and sex resources

From 1 September 2020 relationships and sex education (RSE) is compulsory. This means that it must be taught in schools.

We have worked with the Sex Education Forum and Image in Action on a guide for teachers about how to teach RSE accessibly.

This is to make sure pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are not left behind.

See PDF resource

You Being You

People with a learning disability have the right to information about gender and sexuality and to get good support to express themselves.

To help, Mencap have created this animated video and some resources about gender identity, gender expression, sexuality and celebrating you being you:

Advice you can trust

Hear from Ismail talking about relationships for people with a learning disability.

Whether you or someone you know has a learning disability, this list of recommended resources (PDF) can help you find good quality information on sexuality and relationships.

See PDF resource
Man and woman stood outside cafe holding hands and looking at each other.

Sex Education Forum

The Sex Education Forum have lots of resources around RSE, including guides in easy read.

LD Pride

What is Pride Month?

Pride month is celebrated each year in June, you can find out more about what this means and how it started by downloading the easy read we have created here.


Hear from Richard

We all need to learn about sex, relationships, consent and our bodies. But it’s a lot harder for people with a learning disability to do this because accessible information is hidden away.

That’s why we at Mencap are proud to be working with the Sex Education Forum and Image in Action on a guide for teachers.

It will help teachers make relationship and sex education accessible to everyone, by giving people more time, using images and avoiding jargon, to make sure pupils with a learning disability can better understand.




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