Out of sight

Stop the neglect and abuse of people with a learning disability in institutions like Winterbourne View

We have been campaigning for four years to make sure the government, NHS England and Local areas enable people with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges to return home from institutions like Winterbourne View.

The Government had promised this would happen by June 2014. But there was a total failure to meet this target. Recent figures show there are 3, 480 people with a learning disability stuck in units.

After much pressure from families and campaigners, NHS England has now published a closure programme, Building the right support. The plan says that, 35-50% of inpatient beds must close nationally by March 2019, with alternative care provided in the community.

But we have had targets before and they have been missed.

We must keep the pressure on to ensure change happens.

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Infographic: More people shut away than we thought

See our latest infographic highlighting the number of people still stuck in units away from their homes and families. The figures are from the Learning Disability Census 2015

Winterbourne View: The Scandal Continues

Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation’s June 2014 report highlights the human impact of the failure to date to move people out of places like Winterbourne View

Out of sight report

Out of sight is a campaign report by Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and tells the stories of James, Chrissy, Joe, Emmanuel and Victoria. In the report, their families talk about the terrible neglect and abuse their loved ones have experienced in institutions like Winterbourne View, often far away from home.

Support and advice for families

If you are worried about the care of a loved one and need support or advice, call Mencap Direct on 0808 808 1111 or the Challenging Behaviour Foundation on 0845 602 7885.

Case studies

Case studies of individuals who are - or have been - stuck in treatment and assessment units far away from their homes and families

Key actions in the government's original Transforming Care report

The report commits the government to a programme of change, which will be led by a national team. The programme aims to reduce the number of people with a learning disability who are being sent away to assessment and treatment units like Winterbourne View