About Policy Shapers

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Policy Shapers are people with a learning disability and their families who help us by answering surveys each month.

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The surveys help us tell the Government and decision makers what life is like for people with a learning disability.

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If you would like to become a Policy Shaper to make a difference.

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How Policy Shapers help

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After you sign up to be a Policy Shaper we will send you short surveys about issues that matter to you each month.

Issues are problems you have, and they will be about things like benefits, healthcare, employment , schools and social care .

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Your answers will be anonymised.

Anonymised means we will make sure any information which could tell people who you are, will not be made public.

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We will use your answers in Mencap reports and in our face-to-face meetings with the Government and other decision makers. 

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We may also get in touch with you to join focus groups with other Policy Shapers, or to tell us about your experience so we can make a case study .

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As a thank you, every time a Policy Shaper answers one of our surveys, we enter them into a prize draw to win a £25 gift card.

How Policy Shapers have already made a difference

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Last month we asked Policy Shapers about how they manage their money. 

We will uses these answers when we speak to banks and to the Government. 

What we are talking about this month

This month we want to hear about your experiences with day services

We want to know if your day service has closed and how this makes you feel. 

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Sharing information: Note for families and carers

If you are sharing information about someone with a learning disability, please check with them that they are OK with you sharing their information before you do so.

If the person is not able to consent to sharing their photos/film/story, visit our best interests assessment page

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Find out more

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Policy Shaper, our surveys or the Policy Shaper prize drawer, please email the Mencap Policy Team.

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