This year, Learning Disability Week (18 - 24 June) will be all about health - with a big focus on the Treat me well campaign.

What we want to do

We want to use Learning Disability Week 2018 to spread the word about the problems people with a learning disability can face in getting good healthcare in hospital, and how we can change this.

We want to involve NHS staff in the Treat me well campaign - giving them the chance to hear from people with a learning disability and to think about the simple changes they can make which would make a big difference to people with a learning disability.

We want to give people with a learning disability and NHS staff the chance to celebrate and share good practice, and to work together to improve care that isn't good enough.

Find out more

As we get closer to Learning Disability Week 2018, we'll update this page with lots more information about what we're planning and how you can get involved. 

So, be sure to check back soon!

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