Meet Heidi Crowter, Heidi is already one of the amazing Mencap Myth Busters and now, she's a Guinness World Records title holder too! Heidi has set the Guinness World Records title for the most celebrity birthdays identified in three minutes!

Heidi has an extraordinary gift for dates, particularly celebrity birthdays. From Queen Victoria to Shakira, Heidi could impressively recall an astonishing 70 of them without any hesitation.

Heidi, who has Down's syndrome, is also a hero for people with disabilities. She is married to her husband James, who also has Down's syndrome. Together, they show everyone that love and hard work can beat any challenge.

Heidi's record was made possible by a new program by Guinness World Records and Mencap, this program helps people try and break records by making some fair changes.

During Learning Disability Week, another awesome Mencap Myth Buster, Harvey Price will also try to break a record. Harvey loves trains and lives in a college in Cheltenham. Together with his friends, Harvey will try to create the world's longest drawing of a train. They want to make it 20m long and 1m high in just over a month!

Learning Disability Week is a special time to show that people with learning disabilities can do amazing things. In the UK, there are 1.5 million people with a learning disability. They can be anything - athletes, business owners, actors, dancers, and more!

Heidi and Harvey are part of the Mencap Myth Busters, a team of champions who show the world what people with learning disabilities can do today. Heidi said she feels very proud and happy to be a Guinness World Record holder and a Mencap Myth Buster.

Harvey's mum, Katie Price, said she is really proud of Harvey. She knows he will love drawing the longest train for his record attempt.

Edel Harris, who is the CEO of Mencap, said they are working with Guinness World Records to make sure everyone, even people with learning disabilities, can try to break records.

So, let's cheer for Heidi, Harvey, and all the other Mencap Myth Busters! They are showing the world that no matter who you are, you can do great things.

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Learning Disability Week 2023

This year we want to show the world the incredible things that people with a learning disability achieve, smashing misconceptions and shining a light on the stigma many still face.

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