A train ticket and a hand putting money into a purse.

A railcard is a card that often makes it cheaper when you travel by train.

3 railcards

There are different types of railcards.

An older man and a young woman

You might be able to get a railcard because of your age.

A map of the British Isles with a star on it.

You might be able to get a railcard because of where you live.

A group of people with disabilities.

You might be able to get a railcard if you have a disability.

A person with a railcard.

Your railcard might be a card which you take with you.

A mobile phone with a railcard on the screen.

Your railcard might be a digital railcard that you keep on your phone.

A book of rules.

Each railcard has different rules about when you can use it. 

A man with a speech bubble.  In the speech bubble is a railcard and a question mark.

If you are going to travel by train, check if you can use your railcard when you buy your ticket.

A man standing beside a train with his railcard.

If your ticket is cheaper because of your railcard, you will need to take your railcard with you when you travel on the train.

A railcard with an information sign.

For more information about railcards go to the National Rail Railcards webpage.

A laptop with email on the screen and a mobile phone.

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