Disabled Persons Railcard

Disabled Persons Railcard

A disabled persons railcard.

If you have a disability and you travel by train you might be able to get a Disabled Persons Railcard. 

A train ticket and a hand putting money into a purse.

The Disabled Persons Railcard lets people who have a disability travel on trains for less money. 

A disabled persons railcard and a hand putting money into a purse.

You can save up to a third off the price of your ticket with a Disabled Persons Railcard. 

Two women on a railway platform with a train behind them.

If an adult is travelling with you they can get the same discount.

A disabled persons railcard with a calendar for 2024 and a twenty pound note.

A 1 year Disabled Persons Railcard costs £20. 

A disabled persons railcard with 3 year calendars behind it, a fifty pound note and two 2 pound coins.

A 3 year Disabled Persons Railcard costs £54. 

An information sign beside a disabled persons railcard.

For more information about the Disabled Persons Railcard go to The Disabled Persons Railcard webpage. 


A lady filling in a form.

For more information about applying for a railcard go to our How to apply for a Railcard page.

A railcard with an application form above a computer and a train station.

You can apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard online or at the ticket office at some train stations.   

A laptop with email on the screen and a mobile phone.

If you need help with this information, contact the Learning Disability Helpline: