The Mencap Manifesto: Easy Reads

An Easy Read summary of the Mencap Manifesto

A woman standing outside the Houses of Parliament with a clipboard

What is a manifesto?

A manifesto a plan that tells people about your ideas and aims.

A manifesto is usually made before an election by each political party, but organisations can make them too.

Mencap have made a manifesto.

A woman and a man sit at a desk writing on a piece of paper. The man is helping the woman.

The Mencap Manifesto sets out our aims and ideas about:

  • Social Care

Social Care is the services that give care and support to people who need it.

Read our manifesto plans for social care.

A man is pointing to a house with a green tick on a flip chart. Underneath the house is a picture of a secure hospital with a red cross next to it
  • Homes not Hospitals

Homes not Hospitals is the name of our campaign to stop people with a learning disability getting stuck in hospitals.

Read our manifesto plans for Homes not Hospitals.

a hospital picture, a care home picture and a GP surgery picture sit above three health care workers and a woman with a walking frame. Under these images is the words NHS CARE
  • Healthcare

    Healthcare means the care you get from people like your doctor, dentist, care worker or when you go into hospital.

Read our manifesto plans for healthcare.

A man reading a page of a newspaper with the title, 'Jobs Available'.
  • Employment

Employment is when you get a job. It can be paid or unpaid work. 

Read our manifesto plans about employment.

A woman thinking about money and heating
  • Cost of living

The Cost of living means the price of things that people need to be able to live a healthy life like gas, electricity, water and food.

Read about our manifesto plans for the cost of living.

A photograph of a woman looking sad as two people talk about her behind her back. The photograph is inside a red circle with the title No Bullying.
  • Bullying

Bullying is when someone hurts you or upsets you. Bullying can be hitting you or saying nasty things to you.

Read our manifesto plans about bullying.