The Mencap Manifesto: Bullying

The Mencap Manifesto: Bullying

A group of young men in hoodies are taunting an old woman with a walking stick

Too many people with a learning disability are bullied in real life or get bullied online. This must change.

A group of people with their arms around each other in front of a blank poster

Mencap wants people with a learning disability to feel safe in their community or when they are online like everyone should.

a policeman is standing next to a law book

The Online Safety Act

The Online Safety Act is a new law that will help people be safer when online.

A laptop screen showing a picture of an old woman being bullied by a group of young people

This law will change the way that social media companies and other websites will have to deal with abuse, bullying and other online harms.

Three report book covers one shows someone being bullied

It includes things like changing the way companies will have to deal with reports of abuse or bullying.

Two peoples hands shaking each other under a picture of the Houses of Parliament

We want all political parties to promise to make sure these changes do make social media safer.

A group of people with different conditions

Work to change opinions on learning disability

All political parties need to do more to challenge people’s bad attitudes towards disabled people.

protestors with signs to stop abuse outside the Houses of Parliament

Change the laws on hate crime

Mencap wants the political parties to promise to make the laws on hate crime better.

A group of people around a large meeting table and a list of things on a piece of paper

Some ideas were made by the Law Commission on how to improve the laws. We want these ideas to become the new law on hate crime.

A judge in a wig outside a court house and next to a wooden hammer

This new law would make sure that disabled people are treated the same as other groups that face hate crimes.