Megan and Sam have been sharing their love story since 2009.

Their first meeting was documented by the multi-award winning series The Specials, when Megan was 19 and Sam was 22.

Megan had just moved into the supported living home Sam was sharing with friends in Brighton.

Their attraction to each other was immediate, and the unfolding relationship was then captured across 13 episodes, which can still be watched online on The Specials website.

Now, nearly 10 years later, Megan and Sam have decided to get married!

See the proposal

You can watch Megan and Sam's video announcement of their engagement, which includes footage of the proposal, here.

Hear from Megan and Sam

You can hear what Megan and Sam have to say about their wedding and the future, how the planning is going, as well as their thoughts and feelings towards the big day!

Do you have a date and venue decided yet?

Sam: No.

Megan: We haven’t got a date yet. But the venue is going to be at my family church, which is in the town where I grew up. I've been going to this church since I was a baby, and I still go back when I'm visiting home, about once a month.

How have you found the wedding planning so far?

Sam: It’s exciting, but I’m also nervous.

Megan: It will take time, but I’m glad I have support if I need it, and my family around me.

Two images of a young couple with their arms around each other, kissing

What ideas or plans have you made for the big day so far?

Sam: I would like a fairy tale theme, like Once Upon a Time, which is a show on Netflix which we're both big fans of.

Megan: A couple of months ago I started organising things for the reception with my Mum and sister. 

What support are you getting with planning your wedding, if any?

Sam: The staff at our supported living house help us.

Megan: My Mum and sisters are helping us too.

Do you have any tip for other people who are planning their wedding?

Sam: Ask your parents!

Megan: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also make sure that you and your partner are agreed when making decisions about the big day.

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