I would like to date but for a long while haven’t met that certain someone. I wasn’t bothered and was pleased for a while to be independent but sometimes you want to hang out with a partner, especially if your relatives are in a relationship.

I was also nervous as I worried what some members of my family would think as I thought they could in the past be overprotective. I don’t know if it was because I have a learning disability but I did have a few boyfriends which upset them a bit because they treated me badly.

I have dated online but with as much success as a flopped soufflé, like in Bake off. I have been on two blind dates, which to be honest were ok but I like to choose. I have also been friends with blokes, which is great but sometimes you want more, or they do - I could name a few who fall into this category!

I am not upset at 45 about not finding the one, as I have a full life but it would be nice! I obviously date nice people as I don’t want to be with a toad, who does? I have kissed some of those in the past.

For the record I don’t want kids - noisy, messy with smells coming out of them, worse than an abattoir! Okay, some babies and toddlers have good hygiene but seriously, being woken by a screaming baby, feeding them at weird hours, having no time for jesting, nah not at the moment!  I would just like to meet a bloke. I don’t mind other people’s kids or him having an ex, of course he might be living with his ma as well, people have different lives. I lived with both parents too at separate times until I was 22. Looks do help but good personality really does,  as you can’t talk to a painting! I am not the one that stops a bloke from seeing his friends or him stopping me. It’s equal rights these days for both sexes.

I have, as all people have, good and bad days but hope to have at least a normal relationship with someone. A relationship can be hard but isn’t that life as a whole, we have ups and downs at times don’t we?

Most of us do want romance, or friendship and people with a disability can have a healthy sexual relationship and it’s not illegal. So I am trying to meet that special someone and I'll see what happens!