Today is World Book Day so it’s a perfect time to celebrate reading and all the good things about it.

It’s important I think for all kids and adults to read; you don’t have to read a huge book, just a simple kids book is a good place to start; I like Roald Dahl. Books help you to learn words and grammar and you can enjoy being on journeys with the characters.

Reading is important - not just for pleasure - but for living independently too. Not all people will want to read novels but it’s important to learn to read forms and bills which are day-to-day necessaries. A simple cookbook like a kids one that has simple recipes that could also help with preparing food.

I am aware some people can’t read or have issues with reading.  For example, having trouble understanding or problems with their sight. But there are ways around it like audio books or braille books or large print books. I have a learning disability and learned how to read slowly and as I love reading it’s no chore.

Some kids have books read to them, which helps them appreciate books from an early age.  Adults can have the same through buying an audio book or listening to the radio. This is a good way of enjoying books if you have trouble reading.

There are many books to choose from. I like a mystery or a journey when the main character is challenged as a person or many people are challenged to keep it all together whilst hiding an awful drama.

I read books whether it’s in the flesh or on a kindle, from classics to modern. I also like autobiographies, from Simon Cowell to Cliff Richard. I don’t read them as much though, as novels are more appealing to me, especially those with a twist which are a delight as you didn’t expect that.

The most popular book I think is Harry Potter since the late 90s, even adults like myself read it and enjoy it. Also the Fifty Shades books are also popular and more adult but is well written.

Getting hold of a book is easy. Book shops are still around and libraries. Amazon is a good place to buy books online and some are very cheap. You can also find books in charity shops, some in flea markets, some in jumble sales and some in car boot sales. Some are given, some are lent (and often forgotten about!)

Books are made to enjoy or use depending on the content and they should be part of life. They are educational and or enjoyable. So whether you like thrillers or romance, use a paperback or a kindle, or need support to read or not, pick up a book this World Book Day.

P.S Check out The Label by Caroline White, a lovely story for parents dealing with diagnosis. 10% of the profit goes to Mencap too!