What is A Healthier Me?

A funded project responding to the needs of people with a learning disability and families to make healthier choices. 13 of our affiliated Network Partners delivered varying projects to enable their community to be ‘A Healthier Me.’

Man plants seeds

What we did

The projects looked at:

  • Providing healthy eating information
  • Growing vegetables and herbs
  • Cooking healthier meals
  • How to make healthy choices when shopping

What we know

We know there is a lot of information about healthy eating that is not always clear.

  • 37.5% of people with a learning disability are classed as obese. This is higher than people who do not have a learning disability. (NHS Digital, 2019)
  • 6.4% of people with a learning disability are classed as underweight. This is higher than people who do not have a learning disability.(NHS Digital, 2019). 
Healthy eating pack

Our Pack

We have created a resource pack for you to download to help you start your journey making healthier choices. It includes:

  • Healthy eating information
  • Activities
  • Recipes
  • Meal planner

Changing habbits

Check out how our eating habits have changed over time and get some tips on how to eat healthily in this video from Carlisle Mencap.

Want to create and add your own A Healthier Me recipes?

Download our free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack templates.


Don’t forget to share your recipes with us on social media using #AHealthierMe.

Trusted Advice

Whether you or someone you know has a learning disability, this list of recommended resources (PDF) can help you find good quality information on how to eat healthily and make positive changes to your lifestyle.

NHS has lots of resources to help you understand what eating healthily means and how you can do it.

For further information please e-mail sport@mencap.org.uk


Impact of A Healthier Me

Read how A Healthier Me impacted the Network Partner Groups and the lives of those who participated:

A Healthier Me Impact Report

Easy Read A Healthier Me Impact Report 


What if I have an allergy or dietary requirement?

You can speak to your doctor if you think you are allergic to some foods

What if I have a medical condition like diabetes?

Speak to your doctor for advice or visit Diabetes UK’s website for more information https://www.diabetes.org.uk/

Where can I go for extra help?

Some doctors surgeries can refer you to a local weight management programme or to a specialist.

I think I or someone I know has an eating disorder

If you think you or someone you know has an eating disorder, the NHS has information about what they are and any symptoms you might see here

You can also speak to Beat by calling their helpline for adults on 0808 801 0677 or youth helpline on 0808 801 0711. You can also visit their website

With thanks to Bexley Mencap, Carlisle Mencap, Colchester Gateway Clubs, Heart of England Mencap, Hertsmere Mencap,  Kingston Mencap, Mencap Liverpool & Sefton, Midland Mencap, Mid Surrey Mencap, New Forest Mencap, Nottingham Mencap, Pennine Mencap and Yatton House Society.