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Do you believe in a world where everyone is seen and heard? 












Together, we can make sure that people with a learning disability are fully included and valued in all aspects of life.

"Do you see me?" is all about being seen, heard and valued

Watch our video and read the blogs about Do You See Me, featuring the people who made the campaign. 


How to get involved

We'd love to share your story about your life, your hopes and dreams and the barriers you face.

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What people with a learning disability say







“People with a learning disability aren’t treated fairly and I don’t think that’s right.” - James. 







"I feel that we get overlooked and patronised. We are not seen as individuals; we're seen almost like an ornament or a statue. I think we get overlooked by politicians and they don't seem to care about our feelings." - Damien.

"There were a lot of people with a disability who wanted to find work but didn't have the right support to do it"

“We need to support them through the whole process...
You also get sanctioned easily and then there is lots of paperwork and scrambling around" 
- Kerry
















We’ve had enough

People with a learning disability have had enough of being ignored, mistreated, looked down on, treated like children - and sometimes, even locked away. 

Had enough of services that overlook us instead of supporting us. 

Had enough of schools and workplaces that don’t include us, letting our potential be wasted. 

And had enough of people who mock or bully us. 

group of people with a learning disability

Take action

Do you believe in a world where everyone is seen and heard? 

Stand with us. Join the learning disability movement. 

Help us create communities where people with a learning disability are included, valued, and empowered to achieve their full potential. 

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could answer a call from someone in crisis who reaches out to our Learning Disability Helpline for support.


could help a trained caseworker stop a parent’s loved one from being wrongfully locked up in a mental health hospital.


could help pay for urgent legal support for a family in desperate need of advice to prevent their loved one being admitted to an in-patient unit.