Wills and Trusts guides

Download our Wills and Trusts guides and find legal guidance to help set up a Trust and make the right decisions for you and your child with a learning disability .


Mencap's guide to Wills and Trusts

All you need to know about financial planning for a child with a learning disability.

Download resource Mencap's guide to Wills and Trusts

Mencap's guide to Guardianship

A guide to choosing a personal Guardian who will raise your child in the unlikely event that you cannot.

Download resource Mencap's guide to Guardianship

Mencap's guide to the Mental Capacity Act 2005

Find out about the Mental Capacity Act, which is the statutory framework for people who may not be able to make their own decisions because of illness, a learning disability or mental health problems.

Download resource Mencap's guide to the Mental Capacity Act

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Our Wills and Trusts service can help you with the vital task of providing financial stability for your child’s future.

We offer free and impartial information to help you when considering your options.

Contact us for assistance, or just for an informal chat about your situation and what options may be available to you.

Phone us on 0207 696 6925 or email willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk.

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Planning For The Future

Our free Wills and Trusts seminars offer practical information about writing a Will and setting up a Trust, and explain how your child could be affected if you don't have a Will or Trust in place.

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