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We’ve got lots of ideas for how you can raise funds from your own home to support people with a learning disability across the UK.

Whether you’re getting creative in the kitchen, hosting virtual hang-outs with friends and family online or getting fit with Joe Wicks’ workouts at home.

We've got something for you.

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We hope the ideas below help with some inspiration. 

We’d love to hear about your ideas and support you in any way we can, please get in touch by emailing community.fundraising@mencap.org.uk.


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Tackle a mountain climb from the comfort of your home with the Mencap Mountain Challenge!

The goal of the Mencap Mountain Challenge is to climb the equivalent number of flights of stairs as a well-known mountain of your choice!

It costs £10 to take part and the money you raise will help support our work to improve the lives of people with a learning disability.

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Other ideas

Donate your lunch

Ask a group of your colleagues to pool together and donate the money you would’ve spent on shop bought lunches or your commute whilst you’re all working from home. Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and make it a weekly donation!

Hold a virtual quiz

You’re the Quiz Master. Put together 4 rounds of questions and invite your friends, family and colleagues to take part and donate £5 to play

Fundraise with your kids!

Host an indoor challenge event such as who can do the most handstands or keepie uppies?
Or, why not challenge your kids to raise money by completing tasks like cooking, washing up and tidying their rooms, with prizes for meeting their goals?

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How your money helps

"We're lucky to have modern day technology which can help us keep in touch with our friends and families at difficult times like these with the coronavirus pandemic.

"You can fundraise by setting up a virtual fundraising event on apps like Skype or Zoom to support people like me, who have a learning disability, to live the lives we choose."

- Harry, Mencap ambassador and communications assistant

Your funds are making a real difference

The money you raise will help us support people with a learning disability live the life they choose:

  • £100 could provide 1 week of support for a person with a learning disability who needs extra help in their home
  • £200 could pay for a special day out at an activity centre for people with a learning disability, helping to boost their confidence and learn new skills
  • £400 could pay for a person with a learning disability to complete a 13 week training course to help them find long term employment

Pay in your fundraising

We appreciate all the money you raise for Mencap.

The money you raise will help support people with a learning disability across the UK.

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