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Simple changes in hospital care can make a big difference – better communication, more time and clearer information.

But we know the treatment people with a learning disability get in hospital is still not good enough in many parts of the country. This has to change.

1200 people with a learning disability die avoidably in hospital, each and every year.

Our campaign, Treat me well, calls on NHS staff to make reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability which can help to save lives.


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Learning Disability Week 2018 and Treat me well

Learning Disability Week 2018 is from 18 to 24 June and will be all about health - with a big focus on Treat me well.

We want this to be a chance for people with a learning disability and NHS staff to celebrate and share good practice, and to work together to improve care that isn't good enough.

In order to do this we're asking people to hold events in their local hospital in England and Northern Ireland throughout the week.

Find out more and how you can get involved!


Watch the video

Ever wondered what it might be like going to hospital if you're a person with a learning disability?

Watch our video to find out what it can be like and sign up to get on board.

Treat me well report

We know we can only make a real difference to healthcare inequalities if we work together with those who are at the front line of the NHS.

Therefore, we've carried out research not only with people with a learning disability, but also healthcare professionals, hospital trusts and universities teaching medical and nursing students.

Read our report to find and more and what we're calling for. You can also read the report in easy read format.

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How you can help

You can get involved with and support Treat me well by signing up online.

We'll then send you actions you can take locally to help us transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability in hospital.

You'll also hear stories from people with a learning disability. Understanding what people with a learning disability go through and sharing their stories will help raise awareness of this issue.

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Hear the stories

Treat me well has been shaped by the stories we've heard from people with a learning disability and their families.

We want you to hear from some of the people we've spoken to, and what their experiences of the NHS have been.

Treat me well: Anne Clifford's story

Anne was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. Following serious failings in her care, which included not making reasonable adjustments to enable Anne to be fed, she sadly died. Here, Anne’s sister, Monica, tells her story.
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Treat me well: Jane's story

Hear from Jane, whose son James has a learning disability, on why she thinks it is essential that senior medical staff should have mandatory disability awareness training.
Read more

Treat me well: Nick's story

Read more

If you have a story of your own hospital experience to share, please do let us know by emailing

You can also get involved on Facebook and Twitter, using #TreatMeWell

Listen to Rachel's story

Rachel visited hospital when she had severe stomach pains. 

The experience was overwhelming as she felt as though she was not being listened to, or communicated with in a way that she could understand.

You can listen to Rachel's full story online - episode 3 is out now!

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See where Treat me well activities are happening

Here's a map showing where Treat me well events are happening in Learning Disability Week.

Click on the different locations to find out more:

See our infographic

Take a look at this infographic which shows some of the key stats, facts and figures from the Treat me well campaign report.

Download resource Treat me well: Statistics infographic

Treat me well resources

Over the course of Treat me well we'll be creating lots of resources to support the campaign and its goal to transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability in hospital.

Take a look at what we've got so far.

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