Your New Style Employment and Support Allowance plan

Your New Style Employment and Support Allowance plan

New Style ESA leaflet

New Style Employment and Support Allowance (New Style ESA) is the name of a benefit that some people with a disability or health condition can get.    

A pile of notes and change, a house, energy bills and a person shopping next to a receipt

The money is to help to pay for your living costs. 

Living costs include things like rent , food and bills.    

A woman at a desk is talking on the phone. Behind her is a picture of a Jobcentre Plus office

If the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have accepted your claim for New Style ESA and do not invite you to a Work Capability Assessment, they will contact you to make an appointment for you to talk to your work coach from your local Jobcentre.

A woman is on the telephone. Next to her is a bubble with a man thinking next to a set of scales with the words hard and easy on its plates

If you find it difficult to go to appointments or to talk on the phone, let the DWP know when they contact you about the appointment.  

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You should also say if you need to have someone with you at the appointment.  

An easy read document

This Easy Read tells you about the appointment.  

An A4 notebook with 'Plan' written on the cover.

At the appointment you will have to agree a plan before you get paid your New Style ESA money. 

The plan is called your Claimant Commitment. 

A man reading a page of a newspaper with the title, 'Jobs Available'.

In the plan, you might have to agree what you will do to:

  • get ready for work 
  • try to find a job.
A man in a wheelchair holding a sign with a red cross on it is next to a woman with a green tick next to her

You should only agree to do things that you can do. 

A man thinking behind a set of scales which have EASY and HARD written over each of its' weighing plates

Let the staff at the jobcentre know if there is anything in the plan which is too difficult for you to do and ask them to take it out. 

A red cross is on top of a New Style Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) leaflet

If you do not do everything you promise to do in your plan, you might not get your New Style ESA money, or you might get less New Style ESA money.