Menstruation Easy Read


A picture of a girl growing into a woman and a sanitary towel

When a girl goes through puberty she starts having periods.

This is called menstruation.

A silhouette of a woman showing where her ovaries are next to a calendar month

Women have tiny eggs in their ovaries.

Each month a new tiny egg is released from the ovary.

This is called ovulation.

A diagram showing arrows where an egg moves to during ovulation. Next to the diagram is a woman rubbing her stomach

The egg travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus.

When this happens some women feel bloated.

A woman in a dress who has a big tummy because she is pregnant

The uterus is also called the womb.

The womb grows a special lining that will protect the egg if it is going to grow into a baby.

If the egg is fertilised by sperm from a man, it can grow into a baby.

The front bottom of a woman is shown with the word vagina and next to that picture is some blood

If the egg is not being used to make a baby, the lining made of blood, comes out of the woman's vagina.

This is called a period.

A month in a calendar with 7 days ticked on it

Periods usually last between 3 to 7 days.

A woman looks uncomfortable and is holding her head and her stomach

Periods can be uncomfortable.

Some women get stomach cramps.

Some women get headaches.

A woman wearing a dressing gown is asleep on two pillows lying under a rug

Some women feel very tired.

A woman looking sad next to a crying emoji symbol

Sometimes a woman's mood can change, and she will feel upset easily.

This is normal.

A sanitary towel and a box of tampons

When a woman has a period she uses sanitary products.

A woman holding up a clipboard with a green tick on it. Her other hand is raised with her thumbs up

It is good to use the type you feel most comfortable with.

A sanitary towel with some blood on it

A sanitary towel goes inside a woman's underwear to soak up the blood.

A box of tampons next to a tampon

A tampon goes inside a woman's vagina to soak up the blood.

It has a string so it can be pulled out.

A woman is exercising with her hands over her head

Exercise can help ease the pain of stomach cramps.

A woman with a ball above her head standing in front of healthy foods

Eating healthily can help give you energy.

A shower head with water coming out of it

It is important to keep clean.

A finger points to a watch on the other hand

Change your pad or tampon every few hours or sooner if needed (morning, before lunch, afternoon, dinner, going to bed).

A woman swimming in a pool next to a box of tampons

If you are going swimming you can use a tampon, or take a break from swimming that week.

A diagram to show sanitary products go in a bin and not down the toilet

Use a bin to throw away your old pad or tampon.

Do not flush it down the toilet.

A woman in a wheelchair is talking to her doctor at her desk

If you are having very heavy periods or a lot of pain, speak to your support staff and your doctor.

A blisterpack of tablets

There are different medicines that can help.

A woman showing lots of different moods including happy, sad, cross and worried

The hormones in your body can give you mood swings.

This means you might feel sad or get cross easily.

A woman is choosing to do music rather than painting

If you do feel sad, try to do something to help you feel better.

A woman relaxing on a rug, with another rug over her, listening to music relaxing

Sometimes it  helps to take time to relax on your own.

Two people stand together. The person on the right has their arm round the other person's shoulders.

Talking to someone can also help.